There are truly some fantastic websites out there with a plethora of information. And there are some sites that provide awful info! Here are some that I enjoy. Please understand that I do not regulate the content of these sites, and I always recommend that you consult your care provider before trying anything you might find!

Childbirth Connection

Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS)

The Cochrane Collaboration (Research)

Cord Blood Donation

DONA International

Dr. Sears Website

Dr. Sear’s The Vaccine Book

Evidence Based Birth (Evidence regarding different birth-related policies/interventions)

ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network)
Local Chapter:

Improving Birth (Non-Profit committed to spreading the word about evidence-based birth practices)

Giving Birth with Confidence (Lamaze)

Kellymom Breastfeeding & Parenting

La Leche League International

Lamaze International

Mother's Advocate
A service of InJoy Birth and Parenting Education

Postpartum Support International

Science and Sensibility - Blog

Spinning Babies
Optimal Fetal Positioning - Great resource for breech babies!

Sunshine Diapers
Modern Cloth Diapering - Great resource to learn all about today's options!

VBAC Facts
Fantastic collection and explanation of VBAC research

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