gettin’ down… with labor- workshop

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Gettin’ Down… with Labor! Comfort Measures Workshop

Duration: 4.5 hours

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Labor is an active process, so it makes sense that Mom & Dad should be active as well! Freedom of movement is an important part of an effective labor and birth – in a number of studies, it has been shown that movement may result in mom experiencing less painful labor, less need for pain meds, shorter labors, and fewer cesarean surgeries. Pair movement with various comfort techniques, and you’re setting yourself up for a prepared, empowering birth. So let’s get down!

This 5 hour class will help moms and their partners learn and practice a variety of pain coping practices and comfort measures, including various positions and movements, to help them deal with labor and birth. It’s the perfect supplement to a typical childbirth series or as a refresher for those expecting again!

In this class, we will

  • Review the stages of labor;
  • Learn about the six ways to progress in labor;
  • Practice different positions and movements for the various stages of labor;
  • Use different comfort techniques to find out what works best to keep you relaxed and happy;
  • Discuss back labor: what it is, pain management techniques, and ways to help baby turn;
  • Demonstrate different pushing position possibilities;
  • Experience a labor simulation where you get to use the techniques that you’ve learned.

Different comfort techniques include the use of counterpressure, acupressure, aromatherapy/scents, massage, visualizations, use of focal points, and more!

* Note: This course is designed as a supplement to the typical “hospital course” and/or as a refresher course for parents birthing again. Pairing it with a 3-hour private class is also a great option (for those who can’t fit a Lamaze series or One Day Childbirth Ed workshop into their schedules.)

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2017-18 Schedule

December 2018 Workshop:
Sun 12/2/18

Classes are on Sundays from 1-6p.

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Classes take place on a Sunday from 1-6p at Align & Thrive Family Chiropractic in Temecula.

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$60 per couple, includes a birth ball.
My Doula Client: FREE!

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“Maggie’s childbirth class is the BEST one I have ever seen!

“As a mom of five and a professional Birth Doula, I know there are a lot of different types of CBE classes out there, and many different teaching styles – and I absolutely understand the VALUE of good information for new parents-to-be.

“I now recommend Maggie’s Lamaze class to ALL of my doula clients, and often also suggest that they take her incredible Evidence Based Birth course. The wealth of EVIDENCE BASED INFORMATION that Maggie offers in a fun and interactive format, will prepare any parent for the amazing roller coaster ride that is labor, birth, and parentling.

“Maggie is an incredible CBE instructor, and a very valuable part of our local birth community. Take her classes for a BETTER birth experience”