One-Day Childbirth Education Workshop

Duration: 8 hours
“Lamaze is omitted from this name, because it must be a minimum of 12 hours in length to qualify.

Childbirth Ed Temecula

Whether looking for a refresher course or just trying to squeeze a course into your tight schedule, this class will give you the refresher information that you need to be prepared for the birth of this new child. Like the 5- or 6-week series, this class will be interactive, emphasizing Lamaze’s Healthy Care Practices.

Topics covered in the series will also be covered in this refresher, although there will be fewer activities and information will be condensed. I try to emphasize those topics that have been reported to be the most useful to past students, while providing resources for other topics. Breastfeeding & newborn care are not covered, so additional classes are strongly recommended if you have questions in those areas!

Topics include:

  • Lamaze’s (evidence-based) Healthy Birth Practices,
  • Confidence & birth satisfaction,
  • Pregnancy & nutrition,
  • Role of pain & overcoming fears,
  • Informed decision making,
  • Stages of labor & what to expect,
  • Comfort measures & positions,
  • Common interventions & pain med options,
  • Postpartum care,
  • and more!

* Note: There is nothing comparable to taking a series as this really is a LOT of information packed into a short period of time. However, if schedules don’t allow a series, this course is an acceptable alternative. It is designed as a refresher course for repeat parents though.

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This workshop takes place on Saturdays or Sundays from 9a – 6p at Align & Thrive Family Chiropractic in Temecula. There is a break from 1-2p for lunch.

$100 per couple, includes Childbirth Ed Workbook.

Discounted Fee:
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2017 Dates

  • September Workshop: Sun 9/17/17
  • November Workshop: Sun 11/12/17
  • February Workshop: Sun 2/11/18

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