Breastfeeding Workshop

Duration: 3 hours

Breastfeeding 101This course is designed for those who are planning to breastfeed, giving parents the tools for success. Studies show that when mothers are supported by their partners, they will be more successful with breastfeeding – thus, I encourage parents to attend this class together.

Topics include:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding,
  • Breastfeeding positions,
  • Proper latch – what to look for,
  • Feeding cues,
  • Laidback breastfeeding,
  • Supporting the breastfeeding mother,
  • Proper nutrition while nursing,
  • Pumping & storing breastmilk,
  • Myths regarding breastfeeding,
  • Common breastfeeding issues & solutions,
  • and More!

* This class goes beyond the (basic) information covered in the Lamaze Childbirth Education Series.
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All classes take place on Tuesdays from 6:30-9:30p at Align & Thrive Chiropractic.

Fee: $45 per couple, includes Breastfeeding: You Can Do It! DVD and handouts

2017 Schedule

  • October Workshop: 10/17/17
  • December Workshop: 12/5/17
  • February Workshop: 2/27/18

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