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I am professionally trained and certified as a birth doula by DONA International. As a member of DONA, I have agreed to abide by the DONA Code of Ethics, holding myself to a high standard of values as a professional doula. To read testimonials from past clients, please click here.

I am comfortable attending births in hospitals, birth centers, and at home (with a certified midwife). I also have experience with VBACs and VBAMCs, cesareans, and vaginal births for multiples.

A birth doula can make all the difference in your positive birth experience. She is valuable to both the mother who chooses an unmedicated birth as well as the mother who opts for an epidural. To learn more about the many benefits of a birth doula, click here.

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What’s Included

Although I started out as a solo doula, I was introduced to the idea of forming a partnership with another doula in 2010. Having a doula team gives you twice the experience & expertise and ensures that you have quality, continuous & familiar support throughout your labor and birth. My absolutely wonderful partner, Alicia, and I have the same philosophy about birth and similar personalities, since we know that these things are important in creating a good birth team with you and your own partner.

As your birth doulas, we provide a number of wonderful services for you and your partner:

  • A complimentary interview to determine if we are the right doula team for you. Although we would love to be chosen as the doula team for every mother that we speak to, we recognize that there must be a good “fit” between mom, partner, and doulas. For that reason, we suggest that you interview several doulas (with your partner present) to find the right doula for you!
  • One prenatal home visit (two if requested/needed). At this meeting, we will review your priorities & concerns regarding your birth, and will show you and your partner some pain-coping techniques to practice prior to labor.
  • A fantastic Childbirth Education course! You and your partner may attend my 5-week Lamaze childbirth ed series, One Day childbirth ed course, or ‘Gettin’ Down with Labor’ workshop. (Up to a $150 value!)
  • An online Evidence Based Birth® parent class. This course helps parents learn all about evidence-based care, as well as the evidence surrounding birth locations, care providers, support team members, and your rights as a childbearing woman. ($149 value!)
  • Birth Plan/Preferences assistance. We will answer your questions about different aspects of your birth wishes and will help you formulate a written form if requested.
  • 24/7 phone & email availability.
  • A variety of birthing and parenting books available. Alicia and I are happy to lend books out of our extensive personal collections.
  • Continuous birth doula support as soon as you request it. Either I or Alicia will meet you at your home or at the hospital/ birthing center as you prefer. There is no additional charge for long births.
  • Comfort techniques during labor, including massage, aromatherapy, relaxation & pain management techniques, positioning suggestions, plus information about medical procedures when needed. In the event of an unexpected medical intervention or cesarean birth, I will provide emotional and informational support for mom and partner.
  • Post-birth care. I will stay with you after your birth for 1-2 hours to help you begin breastfeeding (if requested) and to help you, your partner, and baby get comfortable.
  • A written birth story or timeline documenting your baby’s birth.
  • Photography if desired (and possible). Because doulas are not able to foresee how “available” we will be to take pictures during your labor, I do suggest that you hire a birth photographer (or enlist a close friend/relative) if certain photos are important to you. (Robin of Birth Blessings Photography is a great professional option!)
  • Back-up doula availability in the (very unlikely) event that I or Alicia are unable to attend your birth due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Referrals for postpartum support.
  • Discounted placenta services. Doula clients receive our placenta encapsulation & tincture package for $200.
  • One postpartum visit to admire your new baby, discuss your birth, and assist with any breastfeeding and/or parenting questions.
  • New Mama support. You are always welcome to call or email with questions!

* This outline of services applies to scheduled cesarean births as well.

What we don’t do

There are some tasks that are not covered in our scope of services:

  • We do not provide any medical services, such as fetal heart tones or vaginal exams.
  • We do not speak on your behalf.
  • We do not provide “recommendations” as to what your ideal birth should be.

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