Maggie Jennings

Birth Doula Availability & Fees

I limit the number of clients that I take per month to three, so I recommend getting in touch for a preliminary (complimentary) interview as early as possible. I will enter into contract at any point in your pregnancy, and there are many advantages to booking early – especially that 24/7 access for the plethora of questions that come up! I look forward to meeting you!


December– 0 spots available
January– 0 spots available
February– 0 spots available
March– 0 spots available
April– 0 spots available
May– 1 spot available
June– 0 spots available
July– 2 spots available
August– 0 spots available
September– 1 spot available


Certified Birth Doula…………………………… $1200.

Certified Birth Doula – Military/1stResponder Family . $1100.
Certified Birth Doula – Dr Cap or Dr Cobb client…… $1000.
Certified Birth Doula – Birth Center or Home Birth … $1000.

**Past clients receive a discount!**

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