Shanda S via yelp & facebook:

my husband and I are expecting our first baby in November. Belly Laughs was a class recommended to us by our doula. We recently took Maggie’s 5 week class and couldn’t be happier with the wealth of knowledge she was able to share with us. Maggie knew so much and was very helpful in answering questions we had. Her techniques were easy to understand and follow. The environment was relaxed and comfortable. Maggie had a lot of great props she used to teach and it made it very helpful to understand and visualize the birthing process. Maggie has a great upbeat personality and was a joy to listen to. We recommend any and all soon to be new parents to take this class. Her pricing is just right and the amount of time spent in this class is sufficient.


Jessica Williams via facebook:

“Maggie, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me!! I will admit a few weeks before I was due i was starting to 2nd guess hiring a doula BUT let me tell you I’m SO happy I did!! You were a big part in helping me have a successful vba2c. Thanks a ton!! :)”



“All i can say is WOW!! Maggie was a BIG help. She helped soo much throughout my labor with positioning and counterpressure. My little guy was pretty stubborn in not wanting to come out and he was in a position causing awful back labor. Maggie totally helped throughout with applying pressure, she knew exactly what to do. And in her helping me stay in a position(which i hated at the time lol) prevented me from getting c-section cause the little guy turned due to her putting me in position:). And on top of all that the hours she helped me labor thru, she was pregnant herself so i cant even imagine how exhausted she was too helping me out! And not to mention all the questions i had for her during the pregnancy. She was Great my husband and I loved having her with us. Thanks Again!!!”


Erin Gonzalez via facebook:

“Thank you for a wonderful 5 week Lamaze class. My husband and I completely loved every moment and we learned so much! Really has helped us better plan for this next chapter in our lives!!”


Larissa Saucerman via facebook:

“Hi Maggie, Just wanted to say thank you so much for being such a great Lamaze instructor! Jim and I learned a lot and really enjoyed the light hearted nature with which you taught your classes and the confidence you gave us as a couple for our upcoming birth.”


Kim Lamoureux via yelp:

“Maggie was my doula for both my kids and I’m so thankful and grateful she was a part of my journey into motherhood. She helped me through one of the most challenging and most physically painful experiences of my life. And we did it with lots of laughs and inappropriate jokes because that’s the best way to get through pregnancy, labor and birth.”



“When I got pregnant, I assumed I would have an epidural. Talking to Maggie, I realized that there were a lot of benefits to waiting as long as possible before getting one, so we spent a long time at home before finally going to the hospital. I moved around a lot and changed positions, waiting for the pain to be completely intolerable. But when I finally reached that point, Maggie reminded me that I wanted to be checked before the epidural was placed, and I was already at 9cm! Needless to say, I had an unmedicated birth, and I don’t know if I could have done it without Maggie’s words of encouragement and support. Thank you!”


Gaile Gonzales via doulamatch.net:

“Maggie’s childbirth class is the BEST one I have ever seen!

“As a mom of five and a professional Birth Doula, I know there are a lot of different types of CBE classes out there, and many different teaching styles – and I absolutely understand the VALUE of good information for new parents-to-be.

“I now recommend Maggie’s Lamaze class to ALL of my doula clients, and often also suggest that they take her incredible Evidence Based Birth course. The wealth of EVIDENCE BASED INFORMATION that Maggie offers in a fun and interactive format, will prepare any parent for the amazing roller coaster ride that is labor, birth, and parentling.

“Maggie is an incredible CBE instructor, and a very valuable part of our local birth community. Take her classes for a BETTER birth experience”


Alisa Paccione:

“The class sizes were small and Maggie was very personable. Maggie provided us with evidence based information which allowed us to make informed, educated and sound decisions. Maggie’s presentation style was very interactive which allowed to prepare for birth and thus go through the laboring process with confidence and strength.”


Mikala, Wes and London!:

“I had no idea what a doula was when I first got pregnant. All I knew is that I wanted to have a natural birth. Once I started telling my friends this desire they all laughed at me telling me it wasn’t possible. I was of course determined not only to have my birth story read the way I wanted it to but to also prove the naysayers wrong! Lucky for me I found Maggie because she was AWESOME! I thought she was such a present for me as a mom but I had no idea how invaluable she would be to my husband. She gave him the confidence to be my partner in labor and to take hold of his duty. She equipped him with the tools to assist me and that brought us closer together as a couple. I went into labor so quickly that had my husband not had those tools and the instruction from Maggie it would have been so much more stressful. Thank you SO much Maggie for everything and we hope to keep in touch for a long time!!”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Maggie! I feel so blessed that you were there at Kevin’s birth!