In order to keep up with the current research, as well as to provide the best care and knowledge possible to my clients & students, I choose to participate in many different trainings, attend different classes & seminars, and simply continue my ongoing education in the birthing world. Below is a list of some of these trainings!

Lactation Consultant Training Program by Lactation Education Resources

January 2019

"Comfort Measures during Labor" by Evidence Based Birth®

December 2018

"Protecting the Perineum" by Evidence Based Birth®

December 2018

"How to Teach the Complete Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Class" by Evidence Based Birth®

December 2018

"PROM, GBS, and Newborn Procedures" by Evidence Based Birth®

November 2017

Slow Doula Method by Doula Trainings International

October 2016

“Due Dates and Advanced Maternal Age” by Evidence Based Birth®

September 2016

“How to Help Families Get Evidence Based Care” by Evidence Based Birth®

September 2016

Evidence Based Birth® Instructor Program w/ Rebecca Dekker

August 2015

“Safe and Meaningful Birth: Transforming Care Through Evidence” by Midwives Coalition of Greater San Diego

May 2015

“Novice” Rebozo Certification Training w/Gena Kirby

May 2015

H.U.G. Your Baby – Helping Parents Understand Their Newborn

July 2015

Spinning Babies Workshop w/ Gail Tully

February 2015

Evidence Based Birth’s “Friedman’s Curve and Failure to Progress” Course

December 2014

Supporting Mothers of ICAN w/ Pam England (Birthing From Within)

November 2014

Advanced Doula & Rebozo Workshop w/ Penny Simkin

March 2012

Professionalism & Collaborative Practice Seminar

January 2012

Acupressure for Birthing Professionals Workshop

August 2011

Birthing From Within’s “The Art of Mentoring” Workshop

December 2010

Private Placenta Encapsulation Training

October 2010

Healthy Children’s Lactation Educator Counselor Certification Seminar

April 2010

Happiest Baby on the Block Certification Program

February 2010

Prenatal Yoga Instruction Workshop

February 2010

Lamaze’s Passion for Birth Seminar

June 2009

Dancing for Birth™ Prenatal & Postnatal Dance Seminar

March 2009

DONA Birth Doula Training

February 2009

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