The birth of a child is one of the most wonderful times of your life and is one that you will remember forever. You should have a positive memory of your birth experience: one that you prepare for fully, anticipate greatly, and remember fondly.


Maggie Jennings, Belly Laughs Birth Services - Temecula ValleyToday’s media has turned birth into a rather scary event, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By educating yourself and making informed decisions in all aspects of your birth, you will be setting yourself up for a much more enjoyable day. And by having a doula, you will have access to continuous physical, emotional, and informational support which has been shown in studies to decrease those awful birthing complications we’ve all heard so much about.


I would love to help you achieve the birth experience you desire, assisting you in introducing your baby to the world on your terms. For some women, this means an unmedicated birth, while for others, an epidural is the way to go. Hospital birth, Birth Center birth, Home birth… The bottom line is that I will support you in whatever decisions you make!


Through my role as a birth doula, a Lamaze childbirth educator, an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, a lactation counselor, and a Happiest Baby educator, I strive to make your complete birthing experience a positive one, helping you build confidence in yourself and your abilities. I enjoy adding FUN wherever I can, and I look forward to laughing with you during this joyous time in your life!

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“Hi Maggie, Just wanted to say thank you so much for being such a great Lamaze instructor! Jim and I learned a lot and really enjoyed the light hearted nature with which you taught your classes and the confidence you gave us as a couple for our upcoming birth.” Larissa S

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“Thank you for a wonderful 5 week Lamaze class. My husband and I completely loved every moment and we learned so much! Really has helped us better plan for this next chapter in our lives!!” Erin G

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“Maggie was my doula for both my kids and I’m so thankful and grateful she was a part of my journey into motherhood. She helped me through one of the most challenging and most physically painful experiences of my life. And we did it with lots of laughs and inappropriate jokes because that’s the best way to get through pregnancy, labor and birth.” Kim L

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Maggie Jennings Lamaze Certified Temecula Evidence Based Birth Instructor  DONA Certified Birth Doula  Temecula Valley Doulas Member